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:) During one of our Nutcrackers the party scene girls wear fake wigs and one of my friends was dancing across the stage and her wig just falls of in the middle! Our nanny had to come and pick it up. Pretending like she was totally grossed out. Another time the year I was clara the soliders were supposed to come on and I was going to salute them but none of them came on so i was left to improvise! This happened with 3 of the 4 shows... Also ( that Nutcracker the battle scene had many different problems :P) Our main nutcracker is on stilts and as he comes in he drags on a cord and last when The rat king and nutcracker were fighting one of the swords broke! (luckily it was during dress rehearsal :sweating:
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That wig thing sounds awful!! I bet it's really funny now though. At one of our shows the my hat fell off and my wig got pushed back, the wig was black and my hair was blonde!! It looked really bad.

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Also,another Nutcracker performance, the cannon in our scene didn't go off so the rats looked really weird cause they all were supposed to look hurt by the cannon but th cannon didn't go off


Oh my word that's funny!!! :yes: I'm sure it didn't seem like it at the time though.

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During one of our winter performances, during the Grand Pas in Nutcracker, the music stopped! It was at a really intense part too, right before a big lift. The former artistic director stood up and started counting for them, and they went on dancing as if nothing had happened.


My friend and I were the two little girls in Manu from Bayadere (the dance with the jug) and whenever we pulled at the older girl's skirt, it went completely up! It was only during rehearsal week, and the teachers found it incredibly funny...

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Oh how I love to hear ballet bloopers. Here are some of mine:

1. This past Nutcracker I was Clara. Durring her pas with the nutcracker, I was supposed to do an arabesque turn by myself. Unfortunately, durring it, I fell out of it landing in a graceful position where I was sittting on one leg and the other was out in front of me. Everything ended up going fine and when I got off stage, my director said, "That was the most graceful fall I've ever seen."

2. Durring the final show of the Nutcracker, I was Clara again, and this time the mice forgot to take the sword off stage. It ended up that I had to take it off stage so someone in snow wouldn't trip over it and face plant. the funniest thing was that I just picked it up whichever way I could but it ended up looking as if I was soing to stab the wings.

3. (Wow I have a lot from Nutcracker) Durring flowers, i face planted in a running pattern.

4. Durring a rehearsal for Clara, I am supposed to "hit" the mice with the wooden nutcracker, but while I was doing that, it broke in half and almost hit one of the angels!

Hahaha I have the worst luck durring Nutcracker, but my alternate who was Clara and a flower, never had anything bad happen to her! Oh well.

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Back in 2007 when I was 11, I was Clara in a professional production of the Nutcracker. In one of our performances at very end (the end of the dream), just as the final piece of music is played, and before my walk to the middle of the stage to pose in b-plus with my Nutcracker, ALL of the snow (for the next day's performance) for the Act I Snow scene fell from above the stage all over everything on the stage.


My brothers who were in the audience thought it was awesome it was snowing INSIDE Clara's house.

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One of my teachers had a corn on the end of her big toe, and while she was performing, in pointe shoes- for whatever reason, this big knot of skin just came right off and she bled through her pointe shoes!

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I have a story! :)


One Nutcracker I was the lieutenant rat and I had a duet with the rat king. We had these awful, tight, sweaty, black gloves and we always took them off before we went on. Well one show, I forgot mine back stage! I realized just as i went on stage. I held onto the long sleeves ov my leotard in my fist so my skind didn't show but it was realy hard to hold onto my sword and jump on the rat king's back. Then i had a 30 sec break before I went back on stage so I ran so fast up to the dressing room and actually knocked down a little girl! I felt so bad but I got back with my gloves on :blushing: right before I had to go back on!


Close Call!

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I have many stories too!!! Some were really embarrassing to look at but they're pretty funny.


I was performing Clara when I was nine (I know that is pretty young) and in the battle scene I was supposed to get scared and hop up on the chair I had been sleeping on. The littler soldiers are supposed to have a fake cannon on stage and circle it around the stage before "firing" it. The cannon is on wheels but the soldier was holding it by the nozzle part and the back was not in control. In one swing he was able to squarely hit my chair (almost making me fall off), the back of the queen rat's knees (which did make her fall), and run over his foot at the same time. We got that on video.


I've had both of my shoes fall off twice, once when I was playing Clara's brother Hans and once in my recital.


It's not ballet but my dancing friend and I were in The Wizard of Oz and she was supposed to raise her arms up but slapped the Tin Man in the face.


Our fake snow machines produce bubbles for snow but the collect a little on the bars on the ceiling, so there is a big clump of bubbles there. The snow queen was being lifted and her partner stuck her head right in that clump.


My friend was a ginger snap and she had to do fouettes at the end of the dance. She was traveling (we were still pretty young) and she had to hold a gold ball in her hands but let go of it. It flew across the room, made a loud clanking noise and almost hit the artistic director.


Our speakers overheated three times in one year, which made the music stop.


My top came untied during dress rehearsal. Thank goodness I had a nude leotard on!


Once again, not ballet, but I was playing Jacob Marley in A Christmas Carol and didn't know how to put the chains on right, so I walked off with about ten feet on metal chain dragging behind me.



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At my ballet school, on last year's performance of nutcracker, a guy who had a mouse suit on had the head piece on the wrong way so he couldn't see and he fell offstage :) hahahaha luckily he didn't get hurt. :3dnod:

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