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As I've stated in previous posts, I'm moving to Georgia, and I've found a studio that hosts/is hosted by the Southeastern Ballet Company. As this seems to be a pretty well educated board, can anyone tell me their opinions of this company, and what I'm getting myself into?

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No way to really know without going to see it, irishprincess. Watch classes, look at their company/advanced dancers, and of course their adult classes. If you are not sure, then I would suggest visiting a professional school and watching their classes. By reading the website I do not find any evidence of a professional company there. If they have a performing group, it would be a student group. There is no faculty listed besides the director, and the site talks about Russian training, but there is no evidence of any credentials beyond some classes in Canada and SAB. I would have many questions after looking at the web site. There is also some mention of competitions, but nothing definitive in terms of type of competitions. More questions. A lot of errors in the writing on the site, including spelling of names of famous people. Sometimes reads as if written by someone who does not speak English as a first language, which could be the case, although it does not state that the director is foreign born or trained. (Her training was in Toronto before NY.) All of these things, could, however, be due to whoever put up the web site, which could very likely be someone other than the director.

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That is not a well known company/school in this area the website speaks of the company as a "vision" which sounds as if it is being established. I know that they are in a fairly new studio near the new Performing Arts Theatre. There are many students from the area of the studio who in prior years had driven a bit further into Fayetteville (Georgia Youth Ballet) or Peachtree City (Georgia Academy of Dance) for quality classes. Do not take that as a reflection on this studio because I do believe they are fairly new and those students who did the driving may not have had this studio as an option before. You should definitely go and visit them, see their productions for the answer to the questions you asked. Not being well known doesn't necessarily mean anything negative. Just that the verdict may still be out.


If you want to pm me with where you are moving, I may be able to help you find several places to check into.

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