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Pirouettes from arabesque


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In my Saturday class we're working on pirouettes from extended positions -- en dehors from arabesque, en dedans from fondu devant [hmm that's not really the correct term :) ], but they're not fouettés, and en dehors from attitude devant. Just singles at the moment, and finishing in closed fifth. We're also working on grande pirouettes, in arabesque and a la seconde -- the latter ending in a held second then into a jeté for adage (oh, again terminology :wink: !!). Grandes pirouettes are OK -- if it's just singles, then getting round is easy, and I can focus on working on my alignment and control in the position.


I've never done much on pirouettes from open positions (except that lovely Cechhetti set adage from the Adv. syllabus where you go into a renversé turn from 1st arabesque, finishing the turn with a developpé to second -- couldn't do it very well, but enjoyed bashing through it!), so I'm seeking tips and imagery to help me think through these turns.


I know I need to keep hips and shoulders more square in the turn from third arabesque (we were set a series of 4 posés, into arabesque, last one you take down into fondu, then up again into an en dehors turn. I know also, that I was tending to turn in my working leg -- or rather not keeping the knee lifted & properly turned out in retiré as I turn.


Any other tips?

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Turns from those positions require a great deal of strength. Really work your abs and think mostly about the direction of the energy. Remember to breathe so you're not tense, and enjoy!!!

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Thanks, Clara76. After most of the last 9 months out, I'm still getting my strength back -- or rather (as I've always been pretty strong having a stocky kind of muscularity) getting the strength working properly! and with correct alignment & placement.


Your point about direction of energy is really interesting. My sense in doing these turns akways is that you sort of turn back on yourself, but in doing this combination -- 4 posé arabesques, last one into the pirouette -- the direction of the energy is forwards and upwards, rather than backwards in the direction of the turn! Would that be correct?

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I would suggest you need to think of regaining your vertical axis with the pelvis regaining the horizontal. Naturally in arabesque the pelvis will be slightly tipped forward, so on the relevé for the turn you must come upright using the core strongly. If you think of going back you will probably arch your back and fall backwards. As the lifted leg in arabesque comes in to the pirouette position, it should have the feel of a rond de jambe en l'air en dehors (or like a turning fouetté). Hope this helps.

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Did you mean the pelvis is tipped backwards, doubleturn? I agree with you completely that one must regain the horizontal and vertical alignment quickly!


The energy flow must go from outwards to upwards, not backwards. :)


"Forward, backward, inward, outward

Come and join the chase

Nothing could be drier

Than a jolly caucus race" :nixweiss:



(I amuse myself!)

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Clara 76, I think we mean the same thing, depends whether you are talking about the front or the back! To me tipped forward is when the front of the pelvis dips and the goldfish pour out forwards - as talked about on other threads. i.e. as the leg lifts behind in arabesque the pelvis released forwards although supported by strong lower abs.

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Ahh... so we are talking about the same thing!! I tend to 'see' the pelvis from the sitz bones up, so when I am seeing an arabesque, I am seeing the pelvis tip slightly backwards (i.e. the sitz bones) to accomodate the leg.

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