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Shenandoah University in VA -- anyone have any info?

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My dd is a homeschool grad who is training with a major company school in the southeast. I think she will eventually do the college/dance/choreography route. Shenandoah comes up in a Google search of choreography and dance colleges, but I can find no info other than their website. Anybody out there in BT4D land have first hand knowledge? Thanks so much!


Ellen <><

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I have no first hand experience of the actual dance program, but can provide some generalized information while you wait. I do know that the school is often used as the site for the Summer Regional Governor's School in performing arts - where students in five Northern Virginia counties audition for a two-week summer program. Auditions are held at the school and we haven't heard anything negative about the facilities, so I guess that would be good. If there had been complaints the information would have circulated. They also have to be fairly large facilities in order to accommodate the numbers for auditions (which include all areas of the arts.) There have been univeresity faculty members participating in the program in the past, but specific feedback has been hard to get from program participants. As for logisitics, it's a fairly small school near the West Virginia border. It's quaint but fairly isolated. We've seen some studio teachers in the area that have dance degrees from there.


DS has never considered this school but just for fun I might have him go visit one weekend since it's only about an hour or two from our home. If we do go, I'll pass on any information to you!

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I know a little bit about Shenandoah University -- I am from the DC area. About half of Shenandoah University's students make up the Shenandoah Conservatory. The conservatory provides an impressive array of performing opportunities in music, theatre, dance, et al in the Washington DC region. My understanding is that the dance is more modern-based; I met a dance professor who was really wonderful. I don't think this program would be for dancers interested in purely classical ballet but looks pretty darned good for a more modern-based program.


The conservatory has a fantastic music program by the way. The school is beginning to gain a good, solid and national reputation for the performing arts. Campus is very small, rather nondescript and it is in the middle of nowhere. However, as I mentioned, the performing opportunities in DC are amazing. Also, the professors in the conservatory are dynamite. There is a relatively new dean for the conservatory and he seems very enthusiastic and committed to excellence.


I think the conservatory is worth checking out. My dancer daughter did not look at this school for ballet but my musical theatre daughter did and was impressed by the conservatory. The school was too small for her personal taste but she loved the program.

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I graduated from this program, and would be happy to answer any questions in the future.


It is a modern based program, but ballet classes are mandatory 3 days a week all 4 years.

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