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So I'm the newest member last time I've checked so this is the first post I've ever made, so I probably messed up some where. Anyway, I'm a senior in high school and am considering a career in ballet. I am not in a year round program, but my local studio is very good. When looking at many schools they seem to want high school students not graduates from high school which will be when I plan to go to a program.


So basically I was wondering if anyone knew of some good year round programs that I should audition for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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tersalyn, welcome to ballet talk! The forum where this was originally posted is reserved for threads about each of the major residency and pre-pro schools. Take a look through the forum and read about the schools in which you are interested. You can post questions about them on their respective threads, if you do not find the answers you need.


We don't allow direct comparisons of programs at BT. What we do allow is the free exchange of information from those who have attended schools. Then, it is up to you to do your research, ask your questions and decide which programs might be a good match for your needs.


There is alot of information here on BT. Take some time and browse through the forums that interest you and get to know how the board is organized and how it works. We look forward to you becoming an active member of our community! :shrug:

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It sounds like you are looking for a pre-professional program that accepts post grads - under the Career General Discussion forum, there is a very recent thread labeled post-grad programs. Take a look through there and you can get a pretty good list of schools that will accept post high school graduates - then you can search those individual programs in the pre-professional thread for more details. You also might consider applying to colleges with good ballet programs. Which one to choose will depend on whether you are interested in academics or just want to dance next year.

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