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weak ankles


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people are always telling me my feet are good. i must admit, my ankles are flexible, but at the same time, too flexible.they bend in almost any direction, and that part isn't good. i sicle a lot, and its hard for pointe. i know about theraband, but is there any other exercizes?

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Jessi, the best exercises for both fixing and strengthening your feet are basic barre exercises, like tendus, dégagés, frappés, pas de chevals, elevés, and relevés. If you work very slowly and carefully on these things, not allowing any sickle, EVER, then you can improve a great deal. Continue the work with the theraband, too, and be sure that you are keeping your feet totally straight. Just do not allow your foot to sickle. Work on your rotation, too, because the the better you use your rotation, the easier it is to control your feet. :)

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