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Is it possible?


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Hi! Excuse me if this is in the wrong forum, but I am just really curious to have some comments and advice on this.


I am now sixteen years old, and I started ballet when I was around eight. I took a lot of breaks; one when I was around ten because of shin splints and injuries in the knees and achilles. Then, I took another one about two years ago after I took a summer intensive... my excuse was that I was had to do better in school, which I was miserably ALMOST failing. :(


I started ballet again a few months ago, but it feels like my body is still not back to its 'tiptop shape'. I know a lot of professional dancers go out to win competitions when they're sixteen, and I still want to believe that I have a shot to be a professional dancer someday.


I take fifteen hours of dance classes each week. Even after taking such a long break and being sixteen... is it stupid to believe that I have a chance in the dance world? :wink:

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No, the door is not all the way closed, but what you have to do now is make sure that all of the other doors are completely open in your life. Get your academics under stable control, make sure that you have no residual physical disabilities from old injuries, have the best training possible, and don't give up this time. The old saying is that it takes as long to recover from time off as the time off took. Now, that's not necessarily correct, but it's true enough to bear repeating.

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Welcome to BT4D! You are so very enthusiast about your pursuit. :wink: Take some time to look around our wonderful website so you will be able to find topics of interest and learn more about ballet. Also remember to visit our sister site BalletTalk.


Without seeing you xschizy, I am afraid it is not really possible to answer your question. You might try to speak with your ballet teacher(s) about your dreams and come up with a plan of how to accomplish your goals. Make sure you are getting the highest level training available to you, continue to study well, be determined and listen to your body. When you have a history of injury, this is very important.

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