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I am afraid of double attitude turns


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In class we could try double attitude turns (coming from a piqué) and I am terribly afraid to do them. My main problem is, that when the second turn comes I automatically lower my leg or take it in and the turn suddenly gets extremly fast and kicks me off balance (that mostly ends in a jump to avoid a fall). This has happened to me a couple of times and now I am too afraid just to stay there. I take my leg in and...the same happens to me again. It's there in my head that I will fall over and *sigh* I fall over!


Any suggestions are most welcome!

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A lot depends on whether these are en dehors or en dedans. En dehors attitude turns are truly fearsome, but en dedans, they're not so bad. Just do a good single. Get used to that, then - no fear - you've diagnosed the reason correctly - just don't stop once you're confident in the single. It works for en dehors, too, but it's likely to take longer.

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Gahhh, I was talking about dedans pirouttes (sorry that I didn't say that) and you say they are easier ?? Oh my...I don't want to know what is going to happen when we have to do them en dehors!


No, jokes aside.


Thank you for your reply. So you think it's just a matter of time...I feared that. Anyway, I tell my teacher I prefer the singles but one day I'll come up with the surprise of doing a double. I will visit a psychologist to overcome my fear :shhh:

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