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Hey all. I am Cavalier in my dance studio's upcoming performance of the Nutcracker. Our Plum (who we're bringing in from HBII...she's an amazing dancer =D ) will be wearing a hooped tutu. We have two shoulder sits in the adagio of the Grand Pas. I can do shoulder sits just fine without the tutu, but when she put on the tutu it was significantly more difficult, due to the hoop. Is there anything that I can do to make the shoulder sits easier? Or is it more a matter of just getting used to it, similar to the adjustments one must make when a girl first puts on a tutu and you have to get used to not seeing their legs?








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Just get used to working with it. Hoops aren't made of steel plate; they bend, and can accommodate your head adequately. Worse than not seeing legs in partnering is having a tutu with so short a basque that you have no place to hold onto her.

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