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Fouettes!? :[

katie kav

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can someone thouroly explain to me how to practices these , in english because im having a little bit of trouble with the french vocabulary :[ .. and I'm not even sure what to practice on the barre. ?? ahhh help ! thanksssssss. !

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Hello katie kav, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :wink:


Since you are brand new here, I do not want to try to help you with something like fouetté until I know a little bit more about you, like how old you are, how long you have danced, how many classes a week do you have in ballet and pointe, and where are you with pirouettes? Do you have consistent double pirouettes en dehors on demi pointe and pointe? The more information you can give me, the more I should be able to help you. Tell me also about what is happening when you try to do fouettés. Were you taught how to do them without the turn first, and then with the turn, at the barre? How strong is your pointe work? Can you do strong consecutive relevés on one foot?


By the way Katie, while I have your attention, I would like to ask you to please spend some time reading as well as posting. Reading the "Sticky" threads at the top of each forum will be the most help about how we work here. For instance, on Young Dancers the questions are answered first by a teacher/moderator. After that, students may add anecdotal information, however we do not allow them to give advice or try to teach anyone else how to do something. You may pass on things you have learned that help, if you are very sure you know what you are talking about, but be very sure that the questions have been answered first by either me, Mel Johnson, or vrsfanatic. :thumbsup:


Also please try to use both upper and lower case and punctuation to make your sentences clear. Good spelling is helpful too! :wink:

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