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Hello all,


I am submitting applications to some vocational schools and universities in london, for BA dance programs. I am 25 years old, and have been dancing for just over 3 years.


I am beginning to get audition invitations, but I am unsure of what to wear to their "interview". I will be doing the black leo pink tights in the dance class audition, but what about the interview??


I would have thought that a suit would probably not be appropriate because I'm not applying for a job. I got into my first degree without an interview (because I was 6000 miles away).


Any help greatly appreciated!




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Casual smart and tidy. Nothing that makes you look old(er), but not too funky-glitzy either. Decent make up (well applied!) and hair (especially for musical theatre colleges). Remember that most schools (in London) accept students from the age of 15/16, thus dressing too smart will make you look too mature.


I recommend visiting the schools before you go to the audition (and interview). Each vocational institution attracts a slightly different type of student.


University students is a different story again and most programmes are not geared towards a performance career, thus eventually the 'look' is less important.


Good luck with the audition and interview.

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I "coach" kids for college interviews, and always give a version of the following clothing advice - first, suit your style. If you never wear dresses in "real life", don't wear one to an interview, because you'll spend the whole time fiddling with your clothes. If you're a sneakers person, wear dressy flats instead of heels. Always wear one piece of interesting jewelry or a scarf, so you have something to make small talk about. Clean, buffed nails (if polished, not something crazy like purple or black). Earrings if you have holes in your ears. Hair down if you can (but that's hard for a dancer, particularly if the formal interview comes AFTER class!). You can never go wrong with dark pants (not jeans), a dressy shirt with 3/4 or full length sleeves, and nice flats or low heels in good condition (no scuffs, no bare toes showing). Since you're applying for an arts position, an artsy pin, scarf, or bracelet would be nice. Also, come "armed" with at least one good question FOR the interviewer, so when they say "any questions", you aren't at a loss.

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Yup, hair down for musical theatre/jazz vocational schools (might be more difficult if interview is right after the audition class but most likely not).


NB: I won't believe how many students have a hair straightener in their dance bags. THE SHOW MUST GO ON! :-)

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