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Books: A Member is Published!

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Dance_Scholar_London has written a most interesting sounding book, and I'm happy to place the information about it here! This sounds to me like one that a lot of us will want to read. :yes:



Emotionally Intelligent Ballet Training (EIBT) provides a research-based compendium of learning and teaching activities and offers a way forward for ballet teachers and student dancers seeking to improve their social and emotional learning and teaching tools, to enhance the quality of vocational dance training and to foster artistic, social and technical competence. Learning and teaching ballet at the highest level puts great demands on the individual. Student dancers must cope with their own expectations and career goals alongside the intense demands of traditional authoritarian ballet pedagogy. Ballet teachers are under pressure to foster, nurture and teach ballet to highly talented adolescents in mental and physical preparation for a successful career in dance, an extremely competitive profession. This book explores the emotional aspects of learning and teaching ballet at elite dance conservatoires using an inductive-deductive research methodology, outlining the potential of applying the concept of social and emotional learning and teaching in a dance-specific context. This work will interest not only dance scholars, but also ballet teachers and student dancers in vocational training institutions. At present, EIBT is the only programme that uses emotional intelligence theories in a dance educational context, bringing emotional learning and teaching to the centre of dance education.



And here is a short bio:


Thom Hecht, M.Phil. Dance Education, M.A. Performance Practice, is a higher education lecturer, dance scholar and expert in applied emotional intelligence in vocational training. He studied at the Graduate School of the London Contemporary Dance School and has held appointments as Visiting Assistant in Research at the Psychology Department of Yale University, where he developed Emotionally Intelligent Ballet Training. Thom Hecht has conducted EIBT workshops around the globe.



And finally the link:




It is available on Amazon Germany and Amazon UK, and should be availabe through Amazon US very shortly. I can add the link via BT4D's Amazon link.

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Congrats, DSL! :yes:


Ms. Leigh, unfortunately the link says "page not found". Is that the complete link? :shrug:

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I can add this link:



And conratulations to Thom!!!!!!

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I believe the link is incomplete. But here you go.


If you are based in Europe, it's probable best to go to Amazon German/Amazon UK.


If you are US-based, please use the Amazon search engine above.*





* It might take a couple of days until Amazon US has updated the product range, so just hang in there.

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This book is most definitely on my "to read sooner than later" list. It sounds fascinating and informative. Congratulations DSL!!! And thank you Ms Leigh for keeping us up-to-date! I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

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Looking forward to having the opportunity to read it! A very nice accomplishment indeed. :rolleyes: Congratulations. :thumbsup:

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Congratulations! Such a wonderful accomplishment.

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DSL, that is wonderful!


I hope you sell many books, with great results in the ballet-studios. :D






:grinning: Too bad, though: book is too expensive for me right now. :(






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Hi Diane,


as with most publications (unless it's self-published) prices are set by the publishing house. I recommend using book search engines (e.g. www.bookbutler.com) who will search for the best price.


I believe that you are a TaMeD (Tanzmedizin Deutschland) member. I will be editing the next info booklet (Infoblatt) and it will be on EI - and it is for free for TaMeD members. There will also be a (short) workshop as part of the symposium at the Palucca School in Dresden in May 2008. Maybe see you there?



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Oh, o.k.!


Cool. :-)





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I've gotta get this one! And the price of textbooks is often on the high end, because the publisher is unlikely to make up any shortfalls in volume. One of my students has written a textbook, and I have read it, only because I could get a copy through interlibrary loan. At US$268.00, I'm going to have to hit the used book market if I want my own personal copy. I'll be getting this one first, though, as not only a bargain, but as the work of a respected colleague. :devil:

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