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Private Messaging is back!


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Hi, everybody. You might want to check the post on the Ballet Alert! Online forum in the General Discussions section. I've enabled Private Messaging FOR MEMBERS ONLY -- same rules as Buddy Board. We have enough space for it now, and we think using Buddy Board rules will insure your safety. You can exchange emails with people, or personal messages, through using this feature. Check the Announcement (and the faq link at the top right of this board) for more details.


Have fun!

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I received several emails over the weekend from people wondering why they couldn't access private messaging.


For the full explanation, please read the announcement on Ballet Alert! Online here -- and please, always check this forum about changes to the board.





The short version is, Private Messaging operates under the same rules as Buddy Board. You need to be here for 2 weeks and have made 30 substantive posts.


There are no exceptions to this policy, for any reason.

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