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Sinking into shoes


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I have been told that I sink in to my pointe shoes, and that I should try to lengthen my toes when I am on pointe. I find this VERY hard to do. Therefore, the box + vamp of my shoe ends up getting really soft really quickly especially around the big toe. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to strenthen my feet and/or how to not sink into the shoe as much?


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Dancestar-how old are you? This question would really best be answered on our Young Dancers boards so that our teachers can find you and answer. If you'll let me know how old you are, I"ll move the post to the correct forum.

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Momof3 is correct that this is usually a technique issue, however, sometimes, it can be that the pointe shoes someone is wearing are too deep, wide, or the wrong shape for a dancer.


Dancerstar, after you let us know your age so we can move the question to the proper forum, please fill out a Pointe Shoe Suggestion Form for Miss DeVor. That way we can approach this problem from both ends :thumbsup:

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This may sound kind of stupid, but maybe your shoes are too wide or too big? This is usually what is causing the problem, dancers at my studio have had this happen and this was the problem. Hopefully this helped? :)

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Sarah, that answer has already been given by one of our teachers, before the topic got moved to Young Dancers. I know you are new, but please read the posts before posting, and also, be very careful not to try and advise students, as that is done by the teacher/moderators. :)

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I sink in my shoe as well! >_<

Are there perhaps can exercises for those who "sink" into their shoe in order to improve that and prevent it from happening as often?


Thank you!

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The basic one is tendu! There are many reasons why some teachers and methods use hundreds of these exercises in the course of one class! Slowly point the foot through a very slow tendu, taking care that you don't clench either the supporting or working foot. Do many. Concentrate each time on pointing through the entire foot and having your weight within a uniform "control zone" bounded by the inside and outside of the ball of the foot (metatarsal) and the front of the heel. The supporting foot should be as relaxed as possible within this boundary, in contrast to the working foot, which is stretching and reaching out for all it's worth!

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And don't forget that very often that sinking is caused by not using your abs, glutes, quads, and back muscles to hold your alignment and keep you UP out of your legs. :yes:

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All of which you will, of course, be doing during tendus! See, you don't dance in pieces, you dance with your whole body, even during the most elementary of barre exercises!

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