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En dedan pirouettes


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I'm having an awful time with my en dedan pirouettes. they feel horrible so they can't look very good. does anyone have any tips. Pointe and flat mostly doubles. Thanks for the advice



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TyneeDancer, pirouettes en dedans are, for most people, a bit more difficult than en dehors. One of the reasons is that they are more than one turn, or, more than two turns when doing a double. You start facing one front corner and end to the other corner, whereas en dehors pirouettes usually start and end at the same place. So, for a double en dedans, you are really doing two a quarter turns. :o It takes a little bit more force and strength to complete the turn. You also have to change your spot from where you start to where you are going. Having the focus and knowing exactly where you are going is an important element in getting to where you are going! :thumbsup:


Other than that, the determination to stay up there until you complete it, plus all the normal things about pirouettes, like a strong relevé, being on your center, having a good pirouette position, and continuing to spiral upwards and don't start down in the middle are all the things that must come together. Not simple, even in writing it! :cool2:

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