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Temps leve is the repeated action of jumping right? But is it only proper to say 'temps leve' when jumping off one foot? If so, what is the proper terminology of repeated jumping of two feet, say in second? Just 'saute'?

I had a ten year old ask me the other day, and I had to embarrassedly admit that I have no clue..

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dancingmegan you have asked an interesting question that has so very many different answers. I am placing the link to the teacher's forum discussion that took place just in September on this very subject. Enjoy the discussion. Please if you have further questions respond on this thread, as the other thread is closed. :lol:



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Different things to different people. In the old Russian school, temps levé is a jump from any one position that ends in the same position. It can be either one-footed or two-footed. In Cecchetti, the two-footed version is just called "small springs in X position" in the vernacular language, without a French term, unless the local language IS French. RAD uses "sauté" for the two-footed version as well as a descriptive participle, as "echappé sauté".

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Thanks for the replies. So I've concluded after reading the thread and replies, that among many other things in ballet, it's whatever the teacher/style prefers :yes: because both are correct.

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