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I find myself falling more than staying up in any type of turns. I think that recently, I have wiped out 3 times doing a turn. I can land a single, maybe 2 around, but not 3 times around. I guess that I am doing something wrong, because I keep falling! One girl says that it is good to try and fall, because it shows that you want to do anything to get the turn. Instead of feeliing good that I tried, I feel really stupid. Is there any hope?


thanks Macleb :lol:

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macleb, I think you are pushing the envelope in trying to do triple pirouettes when you are not yet secure on a double. You also need to figure out, or even better, have your teacher figure out, why you are not always completing the double. It could be SO many different things, or combinations of things. Pirouettes are very complicated pies, and when even one of the ingredients gets left out or used in the wrong amounts it can cause it all to fall apart! :lol:


To fgure things out yourself, go back to ABC (Alignment, Balance Point, Control Zone). Start with correcting your preparation, then your pirouette position, then the relevé in the pirouette position, then relevé around the corner 1/4 turn, then 1/2 turn, then 1 turn. When that is solid and your body understands where your ABC's are in all the positions, then you add the force and the spot and work on multiple turns. :thumbsup:

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I don't even try for tripples anymore, I have given up hope until my form gets more stable. I mostly fall during a single attitude turn, I can get around, it's the landing that makes me wipe out. I have been trying to get secure singles/doubles, because in Nutcracker I have to do double turns. EKKKK I am so scared I won't be ready! Thank you for all of your help...


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Macleb, remember that the end of the turn is the highest part! You don't exactly "land"....try thinking that the spiral upwards continues as you LIFT yourself into the plié, no matter which position it is for the closing of the working leg.

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I think you are just trying to hard to push yourself into it.

If you think that you are not, then are you doing everything correctly, like pulling up, locking your knee, and everything?

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Hello brii smiles, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


I fixed your post in terms of the case, punctuation, and full spelling of words, as we do not use things like 'ur' here on this board. We have lots of International members who speak English as a second language, so we try to make our posts very clear and as well written as possible.


I would like to invite you go to the Welcome forum and start a new topic to introduce yourself, and tell us a little more about your involvement with ballet.

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Not meaning to give any advice or anything, but I have similar trouble with triples and I have found that one of my problems is that I have too much force. Then I almost just spin and don't really _turn_ -- with my muscles, you know. Which shows at the latest when I try to land from the turn. :lol:

Of course there are lots of other factors that add up, but I find that the amount of force often makes a big difference.


Ms. Leigh, I found your advice about thinking "up" even at the end of the turn very good. I will try that next class. B)


Many Greetings,


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