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Hey! I have heard SEVERAL different things on what to do with your head when auditioning for SAB and ABT ect. Some people say look front while others say "pose with the head" Has anyone had a good expirence with SAB auditions and would like to help me on what to do?


<3 <3

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Hello Pretty on Pointe, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


When you audition for SAB, ABT, or any other program, please don't try to predetermine what they want. If you are receiving good training, and have a well-schooled technique which is appropriately strong for your age, then you just watch how it is demonstrated and do what they ask for in the class. Every teacher and program will be slightly different, so you really can't adjust your technique for every audition beyond just trying to do it the way they show it. :yes:

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