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I have a student (12 yrs. old) who is moving to Nashville, TN. I have found the web-site for Nashville Ballet, but I am interested in getting more first hand information on their program. I am also interested in hearing about other pre-pro level ballet schools in the area. Doing a google and yellow pages search only turned up a lot of Dolly Dinkle sites. I also searched this site, and only found info. on adult classes and about the Nashville Ballet Company.


Do we have anyone on the boards who knows anything about pre-pro programs in Nashville?

Thank you for your help! :yes:

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The way the Nashville area is laid out, it is important to know if your student will actually move to Nashville itself or if they will be living in one of the outlaying communities/cities around it. (for which some have their own name but may or may not be considered their own city) I did a quick search myself and I agree Nashville Ballet might be the place you're looking for. But if they are going to a specific area, there might be a gem in one of those that is close enough as well.


The area is well-known for some of it's competition jazz schools.

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Our family has a young friend who dances for Nashville Ballet and teaches at the school part-time. When we visited, we noted well run classes, nice studio space and focused looking students. This is a program which is working hard to exceed expectations and to promote pre-professional ballet in the area, while offering some contemporary dance and modern at the same time.

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I am a native Nashvillian and last year we thought we might get to move home so we also investigated Nashville Ballet. Donna Delsini was the school director last winter. I think she still is although the school portion of the web site is under construction and I cannot tell. Ms. Delsini was very easy to talk to and dd came in and took class while we were visiting. The studios are lovely, large and well constructed. DD ended up in a class that was not nearly as intense as she is used to having and I wish that we had the time for her to try others at a higher level so I cannot comment on the instruction other than it seemed fine for that level. Ms. Delsini had just taken the position and was in the process of instituting changes and I imagine at this point, she has set her vision in motion so it would be well worth your while to talk to her. She is well qualified for the job.


We also ran into Paul Vasterling the AD of the ballet. He was also very easy to talk to and gave us a personal tour of the studio. At the time we visited, the ballet had a student company for upper level kids and the student company was doing some really cool things. You probably know that Nashville is Music City and Mr. Vasterling is working to bring Nashville's music world into ballet and vice versa. I noticed a performance at the famed Blue Bird Cafe by the Nashville Ballet and Student Company. Thanks to many local generous patrons The Arts in Nashville in general are exciting!


As far as the outlying areas, Momof3darlings is right, Nashville is spread out and there are outlying communities. Brentwood (south of Nashville) comes immediately to mind. Nashville Ballet has a suburban branch there. I don't know of other pre-pro programs in the area. Vanderbilt has a dance program open to the public (14 years and older) that includes ballet but it is a drop in kind of program.


Feel free to PM me if you have more questions or need information on Nashville in general.

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The Vandy program is great for recreational classes but wouldn't have enough hours for pre-pro (plus the age thing, I actually thought it was 16 and up but it's been a while). I took there in college and when I lived up there teaching.

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I have heard such wonderful comments about the centennial youth ballet program. The students who train there are very talented. I have seen several students from there dance and you can tell that their training is QUALITY. Definately something to look into.

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