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ABT's Nutcracker at Kennedy Center


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I have had students do it 3 times and a DK do it also. Time committment depends on the part. Its a great experience and they get some good stage time. Rehearsals are usually frequent but short. Lots of trips from what I remember. :thumbsup:

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pbs, I have tickets to see ABT at the Kennedy Center, but I wasn't aware children were in the production? Where did you find information on that?


I didn't -- i just heard they use a small number of kids.

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I'm so glad you posted this thread! Evidently they are "super" parts. They have them listed as mice, party and Russian. They also list what they are looking for by sex, age and height.



- approx. 9-12 years old, 4’8” – 5’, strong dancer, with acting ability/stage presence


- approx. 8-12 years old, 4’6” – 5’1”, with at least 2 years of ballet


- approx. 8-12 years old, 4’9” – 5’1”, with at least 2 years of ballet


- approx. 7-10 years old, 4’2” – 4’6”, some dance/stage experience



Does anyone know which requirements go with which parts. My girls are 4'3" and 5'. I was wondering which parts they would be trying out for. They also participate in DTH's preprofessional residence at the Kennedy Center, and I'm trying to figure out if I have to worry about rehearsals overlapping.


Thanks for any info you have!



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The audition and all rehearsals will be held at the Kennedy Center. Please arrive by 5:30p at the Opera House Stage Door in the Hall of Nations to check-in for the audition.





SUBJECT: Nutcracker Registration



December 18 – 23


Friday, December 7 at 6:00 pm, This will be followed be a rehearsal until 9:00 pm


Friday, 12/7

Following the audition until 9:00p

Saturday, 12/8

10:30a – 1:00p Mice

1:30p – 5:30p Party

5:30p – 6:35p Russian

Sunday, 12/9

10:30a – 11:30p Mice

11:30p – 12:00p Russian

12:00p – 4:00p Party

Sunday, 12/16

10:30a – 11:30a Mice

11:30a – 12:00p Russian

12:00p – 4:00p Party

Monday, 12/17

(3:00 – 4:00?) Mice - w/Clara

(4:00 – 6:00?) Party - w/dancers

(6:00 – 7:00?) Russian

Tuesday, 12/18

11:00a – 5:00p Costume Fitting, Dress Rehearsal


Listed above by questiongalore


This was recieved via about email.

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Guest dreamofdance

When would you find out which performances your child was in? Or would they need to be there for all regardless of which they are cast in?


Sorry, I hit enter before I was done thinking... Another question, are the rehearsals at the Kennedy Center or are they in NY?

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Perhaps someone could post the link for the audition information. Many of these questions seem best directed to the 'horse's mouth', whether that be ABT folks or some other entity. :o

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questionsgalore, to answer your question, the first part you list is for "Fritz," the second is for party boys, the third is for party girls, and the fourth is for mice. There is also sometimes a boy that may be the same as "Fritz" that also dances with the Russian dancers in the second act.


The casting/schedules for the dancers will be given after the performances have been cast. Keep in mind that most children who end up being chosen will be required to show up as "covers" when they are not performing.


When you have a child as a super in this performance, it is best to just be VERY patient and VERY flexible with your time, otherwise frustrations may make your experience...well,...frustrating! Other than that, it is a fun experience for the kids involved.

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I added an edit to my post to anwser some questions. Regarding where the rehearsal are, and where the information was received via email. So it did come from the horse's mouth.


Just send email, like I want to know about supers. Supers@abt.org


Then follow the instructions.

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Thank you very much Pj and Mirabray! It is very nice to get the info "from the horse's mouth"! It looks like my older daughter would only miss one DTH class if chosen. She's allowed 4 absences and is using one this weekend for our local school's Nutcracker, but I think that will be OK. I don't think my younger daughter will miss any as she is only tall enough to be a mouse. I appreciate your advice, PJ. I've learned the hard way that devotion to dance requires a lot of flexibility! LOL!


Thanks again!



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