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Who usually films your video auditions? Is is your teacher, you mom, a professional photographer etc?? I'm preparing to send in a video for an audition and I am wondering who I should ask to film it.

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Dancerstar, a video for an SI audition does not need to be professional. It can be shot by anyone who knows how to hold a camera and follow movement! :wink: The most important thing is that a teacher help you in preparing it. You need to be sure that you have the right content for the program, and it's always best to have planned it all out in advance, with the right music, and decisions on which side you are filming. For instance, at the barre, you do not need to do everything both sides. Auditioners usually ask for a very short video. They want to see specific things and that's all.


If you are auditioning for several programs and they want different things, then the easiest way to do that would be to get everything on the video, and then find someone who can edit it and put the things you need on individual tapes or DVD's. (DVD's are preferred these days.)


So, do your research on the web, find out what the programs want, and then talk to your teacher about preparing for the video. :thumbsup:


101driver, sorry, but I had to remove your post.

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