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Do you give your ballet teacher flowers?


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I wonder if you give your ballet teacher gifts such as flowers when you end a course

some of the people in my class does that, i´m not sure if i should do that to or not :unsure::shrug:

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Since nobody's replied all day, I'll reply now.


I think all teachers appreciate some token to say that their teaching has been appreciated. It is the giving, not the financial value, that is important, so it should not cost too much. Something like flowers are good because they fade over time and dont clutter up the house for too long. They last longer than wine or chocolates, but are less fattening. Hopefully, the effects of the teaching will fade still more slowly.



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If you just feel like giving your teacher a bouquet of flower, go ahead. It is wondering why it should be so wrong about it that is a bit odd(to me).


I normally do not fancy presents from students so much, except if they are leaving the school or something. But other teachers see that different, like pink tights :blushing:





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I am giving my teacher a Christmas present. With this gift, I will enclose the only poem I've ever written, and dedicated to her.


All because that's the best way for me to let her know my gratitude for everything she's done for my ballet learning experience.

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I'm curious to hear what more teachers think of this type of gift... ? Is it an appropriate thing to do only if you are leaving the school? What about just for Xmas before the break?

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Ok, I'll bite. :yes:


It is certainly acceptable but I wouldn't want anyone to feel obligated. I love what I do, and it's an honor to be in a position to share my experiences with others. :firedevil:

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Now i understand :blushing:

i will differently give my teacher flowers :D she´s such a wonderful teacher :yes: corrects me all the time when i´m doing something wrong :D:firedevil:

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I don't think you need to feel obligated to take anything to your teacher but, on the other hand, if you feel like saying thank you in that way, why not? I understand that you might feel funny about it, especially if your fellow classmates aren't all giving her something, but if you are really grateful to your lovely teacher and want to show it, maybe you could get her something that is carefully selected but not too expensive. More like a few roses and maybe a home-made card than an enormous bouquet of orchids :(.


I've occasionally given my teacher small things like nice soaps or candles, and sometimes my group organizes a joint present, which I think is also quite nice.

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I usually give my teacher a gift at the end of the year. It's customary. Though a former teacher of mine expected them, but would whinge to the senior students if she didnt like what she got. I found that to be tacky.

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I have not typically given presents to my teachers, but I've just learned that the AD and owner of my ballet studio will be moving to Tennessee or Georgia early next summer... :) (wherever will I find a class around here!?!?)


Anyway...I had the great, good fortune to have taken a class with Suzanne Farrell last weekend at the Kennedy Center and was able to ask Ms. Farrell to autograph my pointe shoes, which she very graciously did. I plan to give one of the shoes to my teacher along with the book "In the Wings" by Kyle Froman for Christmas.


As an aside...does anyone know if there is a good way to "preserve" the autograph on the pointe shoe??? She signed it with a black Sharpie and I have wondered if it was necessary to "set" it somehow, like with hairspray or something??? anyone? :yes:

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Perhaps the experience is different for juvenile students. As an adult ballet student, taking classes with adults, our relationship with our teacher is more-or-less more colleagial (for lack of a better word). And our teacers are essentially just doing their job.


So for me, as an adult student, giving my teacher a gift transcends just the convention of giving during the holidays or end-of-term. A well-selected gift sends a clear message of appreciation and warmth towards the recipient. Well-thought and selected words are simply priceless to convey just what the teacher and/or the learning experience has done for the student.


I would consider deeply the reason behind the gift-giving, and act from there.

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I'm giving my teachers small gifts this year, to express appreciation for all the time they have given me in class, and for their encouragement. It isn't the end of a term, per se, but it seems a natural time to give a gift. They give me the gift of their time and expertise all year long. :wub:

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