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new adult SI-PDT

Robin G

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Princeton Dance and Theater Studio (PDT) will be offering an adult SI for the first time! This is the school of Susan Jaffe and Risa Kaplowitz in Princeton, NJ.

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Great news! Thanks for the heads up.


Here's the website of Princeton Dance and Theater Studio. Their home page announces the date (and I'm reading the wrong-way round US way of writing dates as the date being the week of 9th June, 2008 - is that corrrect ???), and then says details to come.

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The web site says "w/o 6/9/08 - additional information to follow". Any idea what w/o means in this context? I thought it meant "without"!


If that's the start of a week, it conflicts with the June Richmond session. I loved Richmond, but also have fond (ancient) memories of a couple years in Princeton when I was a kid... :blink:


Too many good things to do them all - how can this not be good??? :shrug:

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There is a little more info on the website now.


This is cut and pasted from their site at www.princetondance.com



One week June 9th - June 13th 10 am - 4 pm


Tentative Daily Schedule

Pre-class warm up

Technique Class

Lunch Break

Choreography, Variations, Stretch, Guest Speaker

Please call for more information

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