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Since no one has written on this thread, I thought I'd provide some information from DDs audition here for anyone who has questions in the future.  To be fair I should mention that DD did not intend on going to this university but she felt she needed a warm up audition experience especially with the solo and interview process.  I felt a bit bad doing it but the audition was not very crowded, so DD did not take up space meant for others.

There was an informal meeting before auditions to give some information about the program.  They have a BA and a BFA major.  BFAs choose an area of concentration business administration or choreography/performance.  Emphasis seemed to be on modern/contemporary/jazz but ballet is also part of the program.  I think they said it was equal emphasis, but my impression was that the students were less proficient in ballet.  There is also another track that adds an extra year for an MS in Adapted Physical Activity.  (I'm guessing this goes toward being a PT).  Slippery Rock does have a very solid PT program.  The department brings in outside choreographers from various dance companies.  One example they gave was Diavolo.  One of Slippery Rock's graduates ended up dancing with them for a year or two before moving into a non-dancing career.  There seemed to be a lot of opportunities for performance.

Students auditioned in ballet and modern/contemporary.  This was the first audition of the year.  There were about 25 dancers.  I heard other dancers saying there are more dancers (50-70) on the later dates, not sure if this is true but... thought I should add it in case anyone is deciding when to audition.  Some of the current dancers took class as well.  DD was not overly impressed by these dancers.  She didn't feel they were significantly better than her and some were not as strong especially in ballet.  To be fair these were just random dancers who showed up for the class not necessarily their best dancers.  After the audition class, the BFA applicants stayed for solos and an interview.  There were about 10 dancers staying.  DD felt the teaching was solid and the professors seemed caring.

I took myself on a tour of the campus and surrounding area while DD was auditioning.  Campus is hilly but walkable and on the small to medium size.  There is a mix of older and newer buildings.  The dance department is in a large older building.  Town was small, just a few blocks.  I would say it is a rural area that is about an hour drive to a city (Pittsburgh).  Great if you are looking for a smaller college in the middle of nowhere but not totally removed from society.  Motivated dancers could drive to Pittsburgh on the weekend for classes at PBT or other dance studios or for auditions.

Overall, I would not recommend this program for the serious dancer looking for a performance career.  However, those dancers interested in a PT career or business administration might find this program is worth at look.  Students are able to continue studying dance a a reasonable level with lots of opportunities to perform but also prepare for a career outside of dance (or one related to dance).

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