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Bad left foot


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my right foot has a moderate to high arch but my left foot's arch is alot smaller. A shoe/point shoe that works for my right foot doesn't work for my left foot because of that. Is there anything besides tendus and a theraband that will help improve my arch?


Thanks :(

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Ashleydancer, everyone is a bit unequal, with a better side for extensions, turns, etc. A little difference in the feet is niot unusual. As with anything, it just takes extra work on the weaker side, or, in your case, more work on the left foot than the right. And there is no miracle help, it's just work. Extra tendus, dégagés, pas de chevals, frappés, particular attention to the articulation of the feet, and yes, also working with your theraband. It takes a long a time. No shortcuts available, so just keep working! :(

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ok. but the problem is that it's not a slight difference, it's pretty big. I'm almost flat footed on my left side. but thanks for you're advice. Now all I need is extra patience. I'll work on it. Thanks again

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