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Hi Everyone,

I currently have a former student that is attending the Rock in Phillidelphi. She came home to visit this week, and i was very dissapointed in her improvement. She just turned 14, and is a very talented kid. She is not happy at the school, has been russian trained until now, and is looking for somewhere else to study. Do any of you know of good training around the Phili area? I would like to give her parents some guidence, but i am not sure what to tell them. Any info would be appreciated. :offtopic:

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. She just turned 14, and is a very talented kid. She is not happy at the school, has been russian trained until now, and is looking for somewhere else to study. Do any of you know of good training around the Phili area?

Fraildove - We have been very happy with First State Ballet in Wilmington, DE, which is 30-40 minutes from the Rock School and is Russian training -

First State Ballet Theatre

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Sleeping Beauty

I'll second the recommendation for Barbara Sandonato's ballet program. My DD has been with her since last year and is very happy there. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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This fall at the Rock has been atypical with the addition of a fall show. Perhaps this fall's results are atypical as well. . .

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We are also looking for a new, more serious ballet school for my daughter where more of the girls have their sights set on a career. Has anyone else had this experience at the Rock School? We were considering The Rock School but it is quite a drive.


Does anyone know of any good studios somewhere in the area bordered by King of Prussia, Allentown and Reading - or close? We're pretty central to this area.


Oh - dd has been russian trained up til now.

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You should look into the International Academy of Ballet in Media. Anastasia Babayeva is wonderful

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lorrainegd: If you are potentially thinking about a host family/residency type situation, look into Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. Close enough that you could visit often, but excellent all day training and a number of high school age dancers living away from home and doing online schooling.

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PDT (Princeton Dance and Theater Studio) ,Susan Jaffe's school is excellent. If the distance is too far, they do offer residency and online schooling to qualified students.

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International Academy of Ballet is their school. She teaches at my dd's school one day a week and coaches her as well. DD loves working with her. We love the school dd attends, but it's not in the area you were inquiring about.

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I know that one of the girls that dances at our studio auditioned for their summer program. Media is actually really close to both dh and my parents and where we grew up. A bit of a distance from here, but no more so than anywhere else that we've found. Where DOES your daughter dance, if I may ask...

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lorraineqd, of course METballet13 may answer the question where her DK dances--if she so chooses---however, please keep in mind that many people here would like to retain some semblence of anonymity and disconnect between their cyber community and their real life community. There almost always comes a time in this ballet journey that one would love to have had a little less 'recognition' on such a public board.




So, with that being said, there is nothing inherently improper about asking--or answering--such a personal question publicly. Just understand that some may choose not to do so publicly, but might be comfortable doing so via PM.

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