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summer program in spain!!!!

Guest Lucía

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yes!! eventually i have found a summer intensive in spain!! (or somethink like a summer program)

i want to know if you have heard about it, it is organized by "El Ballet Nacional de Cuba" and the foundation "alicia alonso" here in spain.

the program includes 8 hours of classes per day. it's in "el Ecorial".

I hope you can tell anything more about it, and how can I register in.

thank you very much!!



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It's probably very good because I've heard the Cuban National Ballet is excellent. Some of my teachers trained with the company school and several of the dancers with a local company danced formerly with that company. Best of luck with any auditions you may have for it! biggrin.gif


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I'd really like to find out how to audition for this summer program. I live in the USA though, so I was wondering if I would have to send in a tape or if they have auditions here. If anybody knows anything, or can think of anyway for me to find this out please reply. Thanks!

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Hello Bethy, welcome to Ballet Alert Online and the Young Dancers' forum!


I don't have any information on this program, but perhaps Lu will help us out here. Lu, can you tell us how to communicate with this school in order to get info on the summer program?

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well, i don't have so information now, but you can try with the page of the cuba national ballet.

i tried with it but my computer can't read this page.

my ballet teacher says me that when she receive the information she will tell it to me.

until then, i'll keep trying to find some information, and i telll you when i know something.

bye bye!!


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Thanks Lu. I tried going to their webpage, but I didn't see anything on the program, it was all about the company. Of course, I might've missed somthing since it was all in Spanish. Well, if I find any information I'll be sure to post it as well.

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