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My best friend goes to a different dance school to me and is in Grade 5 Ballet (ISTD). However, she told me at the weekend that she's going on pointe after Christmas. I would be happy for her, but the thing is, she has one 1 hour lesson of ballet a week, she's a very skinny little thing so I don't know whether her bones are strong enough and no offence to her, but she's not exactly the next Darcey Bussel. I've mentioned to her that she shouldn't really go en pointe with the amount of lessons that she has, but unfortunately she thinks that since her teachers have been doing this for years it's okay; and the fact that she doesn't have the opportunity at her dance school to do any more classes, as is the case at many dance schools in the UK. I don't want to hurt her feelings by saying that it's not a very good idea but I don't want her to hurt herself!




(Not sure what board this goes on!)




ElphieBean :D

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ElphieBean, it is good that you are concerned about your friend, however, there is really nothing you can do about it. You are not in a position to overrule her teacher, unfortunately. It's very sad that they even have once a week classes, as so little can be accomplished with such a tiny bit of training. But, I think it's best if you stay out of it.

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