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A and B Plans: College & Company together


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Coincidentally to my starting this thread several days back, I just got the latest issue of Pointe in the mail, and it has an article on dancers dancing professionally while taking college coursework and also an article about dancers choosing to attend college dance programs and their various experiences and reasoning for their choices. Very interesting reading.


I chuckled when I pulled my Pointe Magazine out of the mail and saw that! I immediately thought about this thread. Apparently it's on everyone's mind :speechless:


I couldn't believe how much I missed on this thread in the single week I didn't log in! Wow! There is a lot of good information here!

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Possiby what can help is some listings of colleges that work with dance companies to help dancers get degrees. Besides Fordham, Lines, Ballet Austin and University of North Carolina's Partnership with NCDT, what are some others member's have found that are currently available?


Atlanta Ballet has a new partnership with Kennesaw State University: AB & Kennesaw partnership


I know of at least one senior company member taking advantage of this.

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Yes and Atlanta Ballet dancers have always taken advantage of Georgia State University being so nearby as well even without the partnership.

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