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Ok, here is a question.

I know a lady that wants to start taking dance classes for the first time. She is a good dancer, but no formal training. If someone where wanting to start taking Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap etc. for the first time in their life how would they begin? How do you learn to catch on to choreography faster? I am finding that teachers think that you are a good dancer if you can catch the choreography quickly. Where does an adult begin in dance. This is not to become a professional dancer, but to be able to go to workshops etc and not look out of place.



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I would look for an adult beginning class in your area. This would give her some of the technical background for various dance forms. I am not sure where you are in Texas, but most of the major metro areas have several options for adult training. You might try checking with the pro companies where you live, and asking about classes.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, sc0268 :o


Where one starts is at the beginning! :thumbsup: Seriously, beginning dance classes in whatever form(s) one likes. In order to learn choreography quickly one first needs a knowledge base of the vocabulary of ballet, or whatever form of dance it is. Picking up quickly comes from first knowing what you are doing, and there is no way to learn that except take classes. :P

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Many schools are now having absolute beginning ballet workshops specifically for folks that have never danced ballet before. Check to see if there is one in your area. Many ballet companies are starting these to spread appreciation for ballet.

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