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Capezio Tights - Question on Difference Plus More


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Hello everybody. I recently got a pair of Capezio 1864 Mock Seam mesh tights. I adore them. The only problem is Discount Dance no longer stocks them. They do, however, carry #9 Capezio tights. Anyone know how much of a difference there is between these two?

Reason I ask is I've realized I really need a size larger in my ballet slippers and might as well get the most out of my shipping charges!

Also, anyone know any good leotards that are mainly nylon/spandex and come in burgundy (or similar color)? I don't go for cotton leos...


Thanks for the help!!

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What style are you looking for? you can shop by color on their website.

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Have you considered buying them from another source? Back Bay Dancewear has the 1864 in their online catalogue. Back Bay is another very trusted mailorder source. I've used them many times (plus my DD had one of her best pointe shoe fittings ever at their physical store, so I like buying from them -- I'm placing a tights order myself later this morning).


Just for good measure, I'm linking a recent discussion of mesh tights in which many people voice their dislike of the Capezio #9.

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On that note, I also refer Back Bay or All About Dance.

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I went ahead and placed an order with Back Bay for the tights since they also had the Capezio TB line of leos in Nylon/Spandex (they were originally all 100% nylon - blech!).

I really like the new line and it's difficult to find in Maroon which is basically burgundy. But they have the TB1420.


Only downfall is they are taking 7-10 days right now to ship! I love getting that sort of stuff quickly! :yes:

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I got the same "it'll be 7-10 days" message. Like you, I'd like to get my things more quickly, but didn't you love the way they let you know promptly that they are running a little behind these days?

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Very nice to get that email - that way I'm not thinking "Ugh, I trusted people and look what happened!"

I love communication in a store - which is why I always go back to Discount Dance. I did, however, order a new pair of slippers from Just For Kix on Friday. They have free shipping to new users. So I took the chance. Anyone have feedback on them?

I am now dancing 4 times a week, so my shoes are wearing as is my favorite leo - but I am planning on adjusting its straps and wearing it til it dies.

It's so funny. I used to have way too many pairs of tights and leos and now I am so dedicated to only 1 pair of tights (I fear every day they won't be dry for class and I'll have to wear a different pair) and 1 leo for my Monday/Wed Class and 1 for my Tues/Thurs (different levels, different colors).


I am so picky about cotton leos. They don't seem to form to my body as well as my nylon/spandex cheapies!

So I refuse to buy any. I will just suffer through what I have until I get my order...


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Hi, I've ordered from Just for Kix and I found their service to be prompt and the items I ordered were well-packaged. The items didn't arrive as quickly as the things I have ordered from Discount Dance, but that's to be expected as the Just for Kix warehouse is much farther from me. I was overall pleased with the service.


You could also search Ebay for pairs of the 1864 tight.

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