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Hi again...sorry for asking so many questions, but I really do stink at my technique and pointe, and I do really want to move up to the next level. I'm like really old... (and I'm getting off topic again... -_-)


Anyhow, my class is beginning to do single pirouettes with one leg in the air at a la seconde. My teacher says that you have to whip your leg to the side as quick as possible, yet keeping up the rotation. Yet I find that really hard because I find my leg in between devant and a la seconde. It's really challenging for me, and I have to accomplish it by the end of December. (Oh yes, and I can't forget about those pirouettes landing in attitude either [because I stink at landing - always wobbling]!)


Any suggestions into how to do it correctly? Would anyone mind helping me please? I really have to reach these two goals before the end of December, or rather, my two week break from ballet. :yes:


Thank you so much~ (and sorry about my other 'ugly' post earlier!)

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No problem about the other post, Eternal. You are new, and it always takes a little while to learn how we work here. :yes:


As for pirouettes in à la seconde, they, like all turns in open positions, are a bit more difficult. I'm going to assume you are doing them en dedans, since they seem new to you, and that would generally happen before en dehors. It takes a good push into the plié leg and a lot of upper back usage to complete the turn en dedans while basically keeping the leg en dehors, or turned out in seconde and not moving forward. Practice relevé in à la seconde just going around the corner, like a 1/4 turn, really holding your extended leg and not letting it rond de jambe forward. Then turn a bit further, and further until you have a complete turn. Once you get them, they are really fun, especially on pointe. They are actually much easier on pointe!


As for pirouettes en dehors finishing in attitude, as with any other finish, you need to still be on your supporting leg at the end of the turn, and as you plié you must resist upward, not allowing your body to give in to the plié. You stop the turn by holding back the left shoulder if you are turning to the right, and right shoulder if turning to the left.

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Oh thank you again, Ms. Leigh!

But actually, we re working on en dehors pirouettes for the leg in a la seconde...which I found more challenging than en dedans, I think.


But thank you so much!

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Yes, en dehors are more challenging, because it's so hard to get the force from 4th. Are they starting from 4th, or are they a fouetté from a regular en dehors pirouette?

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Actually, we push off from second so that it's easier to lift off the leg and land with the leg in the air in a la seconde. Am I confusing you? O___O

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No, not at all. I didn't even thinkof doing it from second, but yes, that can be done. I think I would find it more difficult that way, but then I rarely do any turns from second position. :o I don't have anything against the position itself, just doing turns from there. :yes:

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A lot of systems use that method to start teaching pirouettes en dehors in à la seconde. The thing to remember is that you go from second position on the floor in demi-plié, BANG! right up to à la seconde in relevé. I said it earlier today in another connection, you dance with everything all at the same time, you don't dance in pieces. When you finish the pirouette, you still have to avoid collapsing the torso, and stop in seconde, all correctly placed, which, of course, you were doing anyway while turning, otherwise, you fall out of it before the end.

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