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Dancing Diet

Summer Madeleine

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I'd really like to have a healthier diet. I'm ussualy at the dance studio, or at home alone, and I ussually, just eat chips and Lean Cuisine. I'd like to know how I can eat healther.

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Hello, Madeleine, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers.


While we don't prescribe diets and eating plans, we can show you some places where you can get information to devise your own. The very best is to get direct face-to-face advice from a physician/nutritionist who is used to working with dancers, but in the meantime, here's a lot of reading and linking for you:


nutrition sticky

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I know the feeling...... I would love to say I have the healthiest diet, but I don't. I love pizza and Chinese food just like a pregnate woman! I try to eat healthy but I doesn't work for me. I just work out whenever I can and I'm in pretty good shape. NOT TO BE ADVICE!!! I don't want to be out of line considering the rules, but that's just how I am......

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