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I am new here, and did try a search for this topic. Please let me know if this question can be answered somewhere else...don't want to repeat.


My 12th grade DD will be auditioning for the college in Feb., and most of the info. I find seems to be about the high school vs the college. Most alumni that go on to performing careers seem to be coming from the HS? My DD has auditioned at IU, and Butler so far (no word back yet). She wants to have a professional dance career. She has experience in ballet, modern, spanish, ballroom, tap, swing, jazz, and character, but loves ballet/contemporary ballet most.


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The college dance program is included in the Upper School. The Upper School includes 11th grade through college age students and has four dance levels. College students make up a small percentage of the dance student body (about 10-20 students). They arrive at the school a couple of weeks after the high school students and they audition during the last couple of rounds of the level placement audition process, which begins before they arrive.


College students are not given preference in either level placement or casting due to their age. You will find college students in all four levels and casting follows suit. College students rarely stay all four years to complete their degree. Most go on to pro contracts after one or two years. A large number of the college students were former high school students at NCSA.


College students live in separate dormitories from the high school students and the college dorms are off limits to the HS students. The college program offers both a degree (BFA) and a diploma (no academics, dance only) program. They attend academic classes separate from the HS students, but within the same academic building. They share dance classes, as mentioned above. For information on the College programs, refer to the NCSA thread on the University and College forum.


For information about the Upper School curriculum, please refer to the NCSA Residency thread. B)


Please feel free to ask questions on either of these existing threads. I'm going to close this thread to avoid redundancy.


Welcome to Ballet Talk! :thumbsup:

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Hi, Ohio313-


Welcome to Ballet Talk For Dancers! Since there is a discussion going on about the Nutcracker on the NCSA residence program thread, I'd like to add this to your question. What parts do the college students have in this year's Nutcracker? Are they limited due to height requirements? Do most of the parts go to the high school students?

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