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hip/turnout muscle pains.

{Polina Fan}

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At home, I've been doing a lot of stretching, as every dancer should. I do second position stretches, and the "frog" stretch to improve my turnout. Just recently, though, I've developed aweful pains whenever I use my right turnout muscle and release it. It feels like a cramp the you get in the foot, but 100 times worse and in my hip. Oftentimes it lasts on for a few seconds, but it hurts like the dickens.


I'm taking time off of ballet. I haven't done a class for a couple weeks, due to personal and financial reasons. I'm worried that this will happen during a ballet class. I will literally start tearing and wincing when I get this pain.


I cannot see a doctor for this. My step mum is unsupportive of my ballet, and simply REFUSES to take me to a doctor, which is probably going to be your first suggestion. She says money is tight and she never has the time, and insurance won't cover it. Money is pretty tight right now, but I feel like i need to see a doctor for something like this.


Suggestions? :x


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Polina Fan, you will find that the Moderators at BT4D do not recommend doing the "frog" stretch. You might try taking it out of your daily routine.


As for a pain that is dibilitating, the responsible advice is to see a health care professional. It sounds like you need some one to watch you do your exercise routine who might be able to analyze how to help you succeed. Physical therapists are good with this. You need professional hands on advice.

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Vrs is right; you need face time with a medical professional. Since money seems to be an issue, I would consult with a trusted counselor at school, or clergy or a local representative of your area's Social Services Bureau. They often have avenues of access to help which don't cost the big bucks.


And yes, lose the "frog" stretch! Rest, Ice, when the pain comes on. Compression is going to be a trick in that area, but a panty girdle can help. And as for Elevation, well, lie down while you're icing. This is basically accepted first aid, but it sounds like you need more than care for acute episodes!

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Hmmm, I can't tell from your post exactly where you are experiencing pain, but this sounds a lot like a problem I had recently. For me, the pain was in my right inner thigh and was aggravated whenever I engaged the turnout/rotator muscles. It was a very sharp pain, and I know that I did my share of wincing during class! I suspect that it was a matter of overuse, because taking a few days completely off over Thanksgiving break seems to have done the trick. I haven't experienced any more pain, but I do have an appointment with a doctor just to get it checked out.


**Oops, I just noticed this is in the 13-16 board. I hope that's not a problem -- the subject caught my eye on the main page.

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Since you are still a teen, I think we can leave it, but I'm afraid that the things that Polinafan has described have lasted quite a bit longer, including time off.

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Polina Fan, you will find that the Moderators at BT4D do not recommend doing the "frog" stretch. You might try taking it out of your daily routine.



Is the frog stretch okay if your pelvis, knees, and ankles are all on the ground? Is it bad to increase the stretch by propping one knee on a foam roller, kind of like propping up one leg in middle splits? I am so sad! That is my best hip-opening exercise!!!

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Yes, I'm afraid that is hazardous. I would recommend spending longer in the "butterfly" stretch, the one where you sit down and just let the knees drop open. That and center splits. The problem with the "frog" is that if you overstretch in it, there is no expeditious way to get out of it without doing further damage. Using an appliance to get further stretch out of it is really asking for eventual trouble.

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Don't mourn too much! As it is only a moderate stretch for you, you can still warm up before you watch TV, and you can do it then, but you have to warm up before doing any stretching at all. Just no appliances.

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I used to do the Frog stretch A LOT, until my PT told me why not to. She said that doing a frog will not increase your turnout, it will just stretch your some ligaments in your hips, that will make you have a full frog, but will make your turnout actually WEAKER!!! :rolleyes:


P.S. Someone please correct me if my info is wrong. My PT is from Children's Hospital in Boston, but she never really danced, so she could be slightly wrong.

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You're correct, balanchineobsessed. The frog is not done anymore because of the pressure on the knees.

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