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I have been dancing for years now and have been on pointe for about 3. My feet used to be really bad- almost flat, and though i feel that they have, in fact, improved, i am still not satisfied with my arch or in step, let alone my overall line. I came across a machine called the "Pro-Arch" on Discountdance.com, and was thinking about purchasing it... has anyone used it? does it really improve your arches? It looks kind of scary, but it also looks like it would work... Any suggestion? Thank you!!!


P.S. i searched for pro-arch, but did not find a thread mentioning it. is this post in the right place? if not, feel free to move it. :shrug:

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This one comes up from time to time and the consensus seems to be that it's not worth it. You'll be better off using the old tried and true tendus, degagés, frappés, pas de chevals and just generally working through the the foot anytime it points, which is pretty much in everything we DO in ballet class!


And Pro-Arch won't come up on a search, because one of the terms, separated by a punctuation mark, has fewer than four letters in it! I think you could try "ProArch" but I can't guarantee anything.


Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers and our finicky search software! :shrug:

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I agree that you should continue working on tondus, etc..., but i have the Pro-Arch and love it! I use it more when i have master classes or a performance coming up, because it helps to immediately define my arch (for me at least). I think it was worth buying, but it is pretty expensive so it all depends on how often you would use it. Hope this Helped! :wink:

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Thanks! That helps. :P Sorry I haven't been here in a while to respond, but my friend told me she has one and I'm trying hers. Since you have it, what exercises do you use on it? I'm a bit confused...

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I used to have a ProArch, and I have to admit; it DID make my feet archier. However, now all that work is undone because i got tendonitis in my ankle and achillis, and it, of course, made my feet not able to stretch properly. (now they're getting better again, but I don't think the ProArch, if it did cause the tendonitis, was worth it; even though my feet are back to normal now, it HURT for a while!) I don't know if it's the ProArch that did this damage, but it could've been.

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phoenome, if you read above, you will find that this device is not recommended by our teachers here. There is more about it on other threads, where we have repeatedly stated that we do not feel that it is safe. (See the post above by DancinFeet.)


Also, please do not use text speak on Ballet Talk for Dancers. If you mean to say "your", then say it. "ur" does not work here.

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I went on discount dance and I found it under the "Health and Fitness" section in the "Gifts and Accessories" Section. I just saw that Josiex said it was on discount dance so heres where it is exactly incase you wanted to just look at it. (Ms. Leigh I am not trying to go against what you just posted, I am just saying where it is in case someone wanted to check it out :thumbsup: )

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Bristol, we're well aware of the Pro-Arch device, and frankly speaking, we don't care for it. Students can do the work of the gadget on their own, without artificial input.

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I haven't used the proarch but I've seen it. My studio has one and my friend used it and got really bad pains that still have not gone away. :wallbash:

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I have a ProArch, and LOVE it. I have not felt any pain either, just make sure you dont over do it.

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