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I haven't posted here in a while, but I was looking back at old posts I had made and the last couple say how I did not think I would stay at college, and I did end up leaving. I was going to take a bit of time off to hopefully get back in school next quarter or the one after...for now though I am just living and working part time. How could I go about dancing again? I am pretty sure performing might be out of the question by now for me, but I want to get as close as I can to my old schedule of having ballet 5 times a week and being back en pointe (if possible). I am 19 now, which is too old for an age 8-18 program, but what should I look for as an experienced college dropout?

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What out of the question? There should be nothing holding you back from taking as many classes as you want, except, of course, tuition fees! Most schools are happy to see more mature dancers in their student bodies. Just find the school you want to study at, the best, of course, and get back into shape by taking a couple/three classes a week until you get back into the "ballet groove", then pick up classes as you recover strength, flexibility and overall technique! I'd wait a bit on the pointe, but I don't see anything holding you back from that, either. Just wait, maybe a year of "recovery" before you try it again. And you will probably have to be refitted for pointe shoes again, as your feet have almost assuredly changed.


(PS. Expect a few unfamiliar movement ouchies just after you start back. They'll fade to nothing as you recover.

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