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Television: BBC "Ballet Shoes" with Emma Watson

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In the UK, the DVD can now be pre-ordered, via Amazon -- and I'm sure other retailers also. It's to be released later this month. Not sure about the US.

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Perfect on Pointe!

P.S. if you like the 1975 film of ballet shoes, go to www.youtube.com and type noel streatfield into the search box- someone has posted the whole film!!!!!!!!!!


I typed that in and all I saw is the :39 trailer. ??

Anyhow, I just added the classic one to my queue along with The Dancer from netflix.


Sorry, I think it's been deleted! Thats soo annoying because i live in england and it was only released on regipn one dvds that dont play in england :( I suppose yutube deleted it because the person who posted it didnt hold the copyright... :unsure: Im soooo annoyed because it was really good (the dancing was 50 times better than the new one, though the acting wasnt as good as the new one)! But hopefully im gonna get a region one player sent from america so i can get the old dvd..... sorry about that! It did used to work, honestly! Im so sorry!

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Sorry, I think it's been deleted!..... sorry about that! It did used to work, honestly! Im so sorry!


That's ok, no need to apologgize, it wasn't any trouble on my part, just a couple of clicks :(

Good to know the older version is better, I look forward to seeing it. Seems with movies that a lot of times the original is better, just like yesterday I showed my kids the original Willy Wonka, much better than the new one.

Good luck on finding your regional player!

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Except the new one has Johnny Depp..........yummy :unsure: (Was that dance-related??? Um....Let's see...Johnny Depp came from Cincinnatti, and Cincinnatti Ballet is in Cincinnatti, so, yes!) :(

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I didn't read the post above yours, Clara, and thought you meant Johnny Depp was in the new Ballet Shoes. . .


I freaked out. . .




Alas it is not so!

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