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about audition in Denmark


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Hello everybody! I am from Ukraine, Kiev! I am studying in Kiev National Ballet College.

But my mom moved to live in Sweden.


this winter I will go to try myself at the audition in Danish Royal Ballet Theatre.

Does enybody know what kind of lesson they will give at audition?

I know what kind of lesson our artists make at the National Opera of Kiev.


By the way it will be my first audition, and I little afraid of it... :wink:

Ofcouse I am hardly prepearing for them.

But I heard smth, like they more use small jumps or something like that...

And also-Bournonvile techniques-what is that???

will it be very difficult? should I show fouette.

How many chances does enybody have at such kind of auditions???

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The Bournonville Method of ballet does contain a lot of small jumps and a sort of skimming along the floor at high speed, and it also has some very big jumps and a distinctive way of doing turns. It used to be that only students from the company's school could join the company, but in recent years, there have been company members who were not Danish, so you've got a chance. The Bournonville Technique is very similar to the way ballet was done in the middle of the 1800s, during the life of the great balletmaster, August Bournonville. Here is a very nice site which provides a lot of information about this important choreographer and teacher:




But the Danish Ballet repertoire also contains contemporary works, so a good technical dancer is welcome there.

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The Royal Danish was one of the most pleasant semi-open auditions I've done (Have you already sent your CV and photos? Don't forget to do this :) The director was extremely kind and came around and shook everyone's hand before we began and welcomed us. There was a reasonable amount of space to move and it wasn't overcrowded. The teacher gave a simple and clear barre. Oh, I'm not sure how many West Europe auditions you've done, but most girls were wearing pointe shoes at barre, which is a bit different from in the Ukraine. I opted not to, as I don't like to and I don't think it matters until center. After barre, there was a cut and a large majority of people dismissed, but kindly and respectfully. The rest of us put on pointe shoes and did a fairly simple class, tendus and some pirrouettes. The adagio was quite slow. I felt that they really did look at everyone and were concerned with allowing each dancer a chance to show themselves. I didn't get kept for petite allegro, so I can't comment on whether it was super Bournonville or not, but be prepared for much faster petite allegros than are usual in Russian an Ukrainian companies. Grand allegro will probably also *feel* fast for you, so be ready for it. They didn't give fouettes (I know, I like them also!:P I do know that the year I auditioned, they did accept one girl from the audition, I believe she was in her last year at ENB school. Hope that helps. Copenhagen is a great city, and as auditions go, this is really a nice one to do.

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Dear Swanilda. Thank you very much for you reply! It gaves me really valuable information about how it goes there. :)

I will try to make more quick allegro at my ballet class.

More quick small jumps, faster technique!!!!!

That`s true-we don`t use such many quick allegro here in Ukraine.

And I also want to show an-dehor and an-dadans turns

I am really interested about that audition.

And I also want to ask you some question?


How many people was at the beginning of audition???

And how good was all of them, I mean level of technique.

Where are you from, and where do you work now???

Maybe you coold say me any other ballet theatres in Europe that will have auditions at the January or later??? thank you for your help!!! :P

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Hi Arus!

I've been to the RDB audition. We did do fouettes although it was only 16 of them. It started off with 80 people, then cut after barre to about 40, and again after pirouettes to 20, and by the end of class Mr. Andersen wanted to speak to 4 of us although 10 made it to the end of class. What happened is he wanted us (or was it just me, I don't know) to stay an extra couple of days so he could decide for sure. The audition was fun and I liked the teacher a lot. It was definitely bournonvile style but if you watch the teacher demonstrate the combinations then you can pick up the differences in arms/epaulment etc. There were lots of people watching the audition including dancers, ballet masters, and a whole bunch of other people I didn't know. Everyone there was incredibly friendly and courteous. They are changing directors so I don't know how that will affect the audtion process. Do you guys think it is more likely they will be taking new people this year or less likely because of the change in command? I know each situation is different but what generally happens when a new director comes?

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Hello Just Duet. Thank you very much for your answer.

Are you working with DRB now???

What did you mean with changing command??? I didn`t hear anything about it.


Did female make exercise at the middle of the class and jumps-in ballet shoes???

And did you have quick allegro at your audition?(or maybe they change style of class sometimes)


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I can't remember exactly how many people were there, but from what I remember the numbers were about the same as when Just Duet was there, and the cuts were similar. Oh, for all auditions like this one in Western Europe, it's standard for ladies to put on pointe shoes after barre (if they haven't worn them for barre), so all turns and jumps are on pointe! From what I know of ballet in the Ukraine, this isn't always the case, so that might be different for you. (I also work in Central Europe, and it's not the case in my company either! I've worn pointe shoes for center my entire life so I still do, but some of my colleagues like to tease me a bit! :yes: Let's see, the only other audition coming up that I can think of is the National Ballet in Norway on Jan 26th.

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does enybody know something about auditions in England?: Covent Garden Theatre(I know there is not big chances)

National English Theatre

Scottish Theatre,

and Dublin Theatre.

/maybe you know links for that theatres???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????//

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