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Arts Awardees in Colleges


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I received a list today of where the 2007 Arts Award Winners that chose college ended up (at least a press time of this list). It is a testament to how hard our dancers work in many areas as several are not at well known dance schools (but well known for other things). The article didn't reference if there were any included in a dance company list only. But definitely a good range of opportunity. Just thought it was interesting.


Ballet Winners

Brigham Young

Royal Ballet School


Washington School of Ballet


Choreography Winner

California Institute of the Arts


Modern Dance Winners

Juilliard (2)

Karol Academy of Ballet

Marymount Manhattan

New World School of the Arts College


Tap Winners

Marymount Manhatten


World Dance


U of Michigan

U of New Mexico

U of Oklahoma



Ballet-Joffrey apprentice

Ballet-Houston Ballet corp

Jazz-Houston Ballet II

Tap-with Sonia Dawkins Group

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Thanks for the post. But actually the journal posted last year's schools and there are some changes. The arts award winner listed at the Washington School of Ballet is my DD, and she is presently a trainee at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York.

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Thanks for this information. Very encouraging! From what organization were these awards made? Or by "2007 Arts Awards winners" you mean these dancers received some sort of arts scholarship.


Thanks -



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This is from the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts Annual Arts Award.

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For anyone who wants information, DD entered last year as did 3 other students from her school. This is a "painless" competition. The first round is a video and it is done by number so no one knows who you are at that point. The only expense you will have is registering [about $30 if I remember correctly] and making and mailing a video. After the video round, a small percentage of the students are invited to spend a week in Miami. The plane, food, hotel, etc are all paid for by the NFAA. And the participants have a wonderful time. There are students in other disciplines who are also at arts week so all the students attend film showings, art exhibits, chamber music concerts etc in addition to the dance showcase. The actual awards are made after Arts Week....you receive a letter telling what level award you have received. The prizes are quite generous, but the main thing is that it is really a positive experience for most of the participants.


It is limited to 17 and 18 year old applicants and you do have to show proof of age. If you are a high school senior at the time of the competition, you will be eligible to be considered for a "Presidential Scholar in the Arts" award. DD had graduated early so while she was eligible for the competition, she was not a high school senior and was not eligible to be considered for the Presidential Scholar award. In any event, the registration period for this year is over but those of you with students who will be 17 or 18 next fall, should look at this program.

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From what organization were these awards made? Or by "2007 Arts Awards winners" you mean these dancers received some sort of arts scholarship.


Here is the link to the youngARTS Program. It looks as though they've adopted this new title since my daughter entered. The "ARTS" Award was actually an acronym for Arts Recognition and Talent Search.


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