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work with the new partner


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I know, that it`s very difficult to say any advices in my case, but anyway...


I was prepearing pa-de-de from Blue Bird 3 monthes, I have had very nice partner from my ballet college, we have really nice duet. Todays morning I was informated, that he broke his leg... In that momemt I was

really depressed...


I went to college, and spoke with teachers, and they`ve found new partner for me-from the National Opera of Ukraine.


Today he went at the day repetition. He is very nice and talent guy, but it`s really other feelings with them, and he don`t know all things to do-he first time danced adagio and coda...


So, maybe somebody could be so nice, and say any advices. I know it`s difficult-it should be only time and practise-as ussial in ballet.

Maybe someone has such kind of experience?


tomorrow will be general repetirion before the concert. I afraid to be scared a lit. bit. :yes:


by the way-everyone that could come-is welcome to the consert, that will be at Saturday at 13:00 at Kiev Ballet Theatre

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arus, that is such sad news that your partner broke his leg. :) But, it is good that they have found another partner for you. You have a couple of days, so the only thing you can do is rehearse with him as much as possible. Try to get some extra time and coaching, as the more time you can dance with him the more comfortable you will be for the performance. :pinch: Best wishes to you for your show! :yes:

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thank you for your advise!


Today was the consert-all was ok, and I am very happy now.


We worked very nice with my new partner. We`ve spend 2 days training, and we made all things that was not comfortable with him, and was even better than with my first partner!

Cause he has skills of dancing at the stage.


It was really feeling of couple at the stage. He was my courageous Blue Bird :devil: , and I think I was his prinsecc Florina today :) .

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And you made a new friend. See, many things can be worked out. :devil:

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Arus, what a fine partner he is, and a fine dancer too! I think you were very fortunate that he could come at the last minute and dance with you! You look lovely too. :yes:

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thank you very much indeed. Yes I had luck with him! :yes: All that happend-happend because some reasons:)

In Russia we say-we don`t have troubles without small happyness. Thank you to wayching that video :wink:

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