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Winter break starts this Saturday at my ballet school and I am thinking about getting my teacher a Christmas present. I am really confused on what to buy though and my mom says she cant help me this year because she hasnt got the the time :shrug: So if you have any good ideas about something original/cool to get my teacher (who is a female and probably around 40 years old) please help me out. Or maybe if you could just share what you got your teachers last year...


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How about a thought from a teacher? :wink:


I like gift cards, like Starbucks, or Barnes and Noble or Borders, Bed, Bath & Beyond, etc. Those are way better than ceramic pointe shoes, lotions, and soaps! :shrug:

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My teacher and I were talking about gifts just recently! She told me about the one year where she got a box of chocolates like from all her students and she doesn't even like chocolates so she gave them all to her neighbours... And before summer break, she said, she got LOTS of flowers and she was going on vacation the next day...

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At some studios in the big city in which we live, gifts givers have enormous budgets. Students bring in boxes from luxurious stores, such as Tiffany, or wave gift certificates that represent hundreds of dollars. There's quite a competition to give the best gift.


My family is on a tight budget. We have avoided giving gift cards because the amount spent is designated. In the past, we have purchased discounted items that we felt particular teachers would enjoy, and my daughter has created hand made cards. The teachers sent lovely thank you notes to us.


Now we are thinking that the teachers might prefer gift certificates to one of the stores mentioned by Ms. Leigh, but we would not be able to afford more than $20. for each of my daughter's marvelous teachers. Is this a gift card worth giving? If not, we will go back to our old plan.

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Hand made things are certainly lovely, but I think teachers not only know that not everyone can afford expensive gifts, they do not expect expensive gifts, especially in places where the students have a number of teachers. In my opinion $20 gift cards are quite fine! :clapping:



PS - seeker, this is the YD forum. I responded to your post before realizing that you are not supposed to be here! I left it up because I feel it does contribute to the discussion, however, please check which forum you are posting on next time! :)

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I've see girls in my class bring in things like homemade cookies and even teriyaki sauce! Two of the teachers who were given the teriyaki sauce commented on how good it was and such a fun and original thing!

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It's hard to find gifts for my teacher. She's opretty much allergic to all food items, and has very bad allergies, so we give her gift cards to book stores and even places like target!

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This year I actually filled two satchels with chocolates for both my ballet teachers and wrote them each a note. They were thrilled - even the most disciplined of dancers can't resist chocolate! :)

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