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I found out a while ago that my family is moving to a new state and i will have to change studios. I currently dance at two studios where I live, and have been avoiding telling my teachers i am moving. I just don't know how to! At one studio, the teacher found out I was leaving through other girls who dance there, and they told her i was moving earlier than i actually am, so she did not cast me in the upcoming performance. I do not want anything like this to happen at my other studio! I am pretty shy and don't talk much in class or with my teacher, so I am not sure how to tell her that I am leaving...any ideas?

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The answer is right there on the tip of your tongue! Speak up!


You've learned the mischief that can happen when news reaches someone second-hand, so cut out the middlemen! Simply tell your teacher, without drama, although moving is an uprooting experience, what you're going to be doing and when, as exactly as you can.


There is no one who can do this for you. Simply draw up your courage and talk to your teacher; she won't bite, honest. Choose a time when there's a less-than-stressful moment. After class is good, if she doesn't have another one right after. Then the time factor will likely cut you short about what you have to tell her, and you may not communicate effectively.

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Thanks for the advice- I told my teacher last night and she was not mad or anything, she was even interested in where I will be dancing when I move. I'm just glad I got it out of the way before break! :yes:

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