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Hi, I'm moving to Strasbourg - France in January. I've made a search in this forum and found only one studio in Strasbourg and I'm not sure if they are accepting adult students. I'm kind of panicked since I was really making a difference here with a proper and regular education so I don't want to be away from ballet for 9-10 months until I come back here... If you cannot help with Strasbourg, (as far as I've heard) a ballet studio in Kehl - Germany could help too since these two cities are very close (?). Thanks in advance.

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As much as I can remember, a few members in this forum were attending to pre-pro programs. I'm really interested in taking ballet classes up to 16 hours a week and since it is not possible in my country (the best I can find is my current studio, max. 5h 30 m a week) I was psyched about the fact that I'm moving to France within a few days however I have brand new questions in my mind now and I would love to receive adult ballet students' help.


First of all, did your school examine you both technically and medically before accepting you to a pre-pro program?


Is there a separate adult pre-pro program or are you taking courses with children (which I would not mind at all)?


Is there anybody among those who attend to pre-pro programs, who lives in Europe and can explain me the RAD certificate system?


Is there anybody who lives/has ever lived in France?

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I know we have a few members who live in or have lived in France, but I don't know how often they are on. I think one is Minty, so perhaps you could PM her?


Good luck. I'll be interested to hear the answers.

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Thank you very much shulie. I will take a look at this studio as soon as I understand exactly how far Kehl is. If only I could improve my German before I get there...

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Knock, knock. I am a teenaged ballet student. Can I post here? Please delete me if I can't. I believe Ecole Superieure de Danse Cannes Rosella Hightower (long name!), which is in Mougins, France, has a pre-pro program/performing company. I have not participated in this program, and I have not lived in France, but I went to their summer program. I'm not a GREAT french speaker, so some of this might be incorrect. The program there is kind of like a second company, except it's not affiliated with a larger company. It's college-aged people. I got a lovely brochure about it when I was there this summer, and if you mail them, they will probably send it to you. They also have a regular ballet school. I don't know about the year, but during the summer, the classes are open to all ages (including adults).

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First of all, I need a few more details, such as - your age, your level, and most important of all, the town you're going to be in !


the RAD system is not used in France generally, only a few schools use it ...



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Skyish posted another thread about moving to Strasbourg, if that helps a bit. :blushing:

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I am unclear about whether Skyish is asking for schools in or near her home or if she is just looking for residential possibilities anywhere in France. Skyish, can you please give us more details?

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I don't know where my other post went. First of all it was not about "schools" in "France" particularly, it was just about pre-pro programs "in general" and their systems! You know, does someone have to audition, pass through medical exams etc. and is there an adult pre-pro program "anywhere" in the world or do adult students in pre-pro programs dance with children and so on. However I think moderator did not like my question and first moved it here, then overall deleted it and I could not understand why. I already had a post about France schools here and that is "this one" actually, so I was not trying to run 2 threads at the same time in the same subject. But anyway, OK, forget about the other questions.


I'm 21 years old. I had ballet training as a child for a few years then they have found that tumor in my leg bone and I had to quit for app. 9 years. Started again last year. I cannot trust myself to take contemporary classes because there is a plate in my bone and I cannot kneel/fall on my left knee and jumps may give me pain, so I (gladly) have to prefer classical ballet which does not harm me. We do not have RAD here so I cannot give solid information about my level, but I'm on pointe, and my ballet school was going to give me a graduation diploma this year if I hadn't been going abroad. So I think I'm Intermediate (assuming that the advanced levels are for graduate students in our system). I'm going to move in Strasbourg 12 days later, I'm going to stay in the halls of residence so I do not seek residence in France. I need help about ballet schools in Strasbourg or Alsace region (I think cities in Alsace are close to each other and I can go to another city for ballet classes without high transportation costs? I'm not really sure though that's only what I have heard...). Thank you really very much for your interest Clara76, balletbooster, shulie, kathleenie_ballerinie and minty.


Kathleen- Thanks for your info but that city is closer to my country than it is to Strasbourg=P So I would like to go there but it is unfortunately impossible.

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Skyish--your post was not deleted but merged into one thread. All of that information is right here. The first one is post #1 and the 2nd is post # 3. Both questions can in fact be answered in one thread so they were merged. It has nothing to do with anyone liking or not liking your question. Just housekeeping.


But let's get back to getting your questions answered.

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Thanks for the explanation. I could not see the other post at first :wink:


By the way, I also need information about summer intensives / dance camps in Paris if there is any available? Thanks in advance.

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skyish, for Housekeeping purposes, any questions/answers regarding Summer Intensives in Paris (or elsewhere) should be placed/found in the SI Forum. Please look over there for information. I saw at least two in the SI General Discussion forum. You may need to just scroll through the index occassionally if you don't feel comfortable doing a 'Search'. :wink:

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okay, thanks Clara, I hadn't realised this was the same person posting !

I can't help you a lot w<ith Strasbourg, as I live in Paris, but what I can tell you is that when you're an adult student in France, I don't think there are many pre pro courses, unless those preparing the students for the EAT and DE , which are the two diplomas you have to get in order to teach - the main idea being that becoming a professional dancer as an adult is near to impossible.

The schools preparing you for those exams are usually private schools, and they select you mainly for your financial capacities ! let me add that those exams are very difficult to pass , but you certainly don't need a "perfect" body to take them , not to pass them !

what you can surely find are private schools giving adult lessons , and you also have the Conservatoire de Strasbourg, which may give adult ballet lessons that would be less expensive ... I have to check on that !




this link gives you all the ballet schools in Strasbourg and nearby ! :D

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