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Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami

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This is a new company that is being started by the directors of The Art of Classical Ballet School in Florida. It is my understanding that the beginning of the company was in January of last year and Swan Lake will be one of the first performances under the company's new name and structure. I believe the article stated January 2006 as it's formation, so that's why you can't find information past last year.


The school's website is: Art of Classical Ballet. Some information on the school's SI is in the SI forum.


There is information on the company here: Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami

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The school has been in existence for a few years. The company is a collaboration between Magaly Suarez, Director of the Art of Classical Ballet, and Pedro Pablo Pena, Director of Miami Hispanic Ballet and the Miami International Ballet Festival. The company/school performed Giselle in early 2007. Magaly is a fabulous teacher and inspires many young dancers (my son being one of them).


I have seen footage of her son dance and he is an amazing dancer. You can find him on youtube. I am so happy that mother and son will be reunited.

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