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Part-time jobs for teen dancers?


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Hey sorry long time no post.

I am in serious need of a job and can get a work permit, but I can't think of a job that would fit into my schedule. I can work in mid morning, but I have classes every afternoon, which I refuse to miss. Does anyone have ideas?

I don't think I could work at my local grocery store because I don't think they would let me work in the mornings and I can't shovel snow for my life. lol

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It might be hard to get the job I'm going to suggest if you don't know someone on the "inside" but I work at an orthopedic surgeons's office. They have school day hours. 8am to 5 pm everyday, which makes picking hours a breeze. I only work when I'm home on break, but I still need to fit it around my ballet classes. You can either leave the morning open and just work from 1-5, or leave the afternoon open and work from 8-12. You always have the evenings and weekends off. I don't have any medical background. I was just hired to do the filing and x-ray development and other odd jobs. It seems like offices are often looking for people like that and they all have similar hours. Calling around may be worth a shot!

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What about at a clothing or music store, or finding a local studio where you could teach class to younger children (they'll probably be very young if you can only teach midday, but teaching kids is a blast all the same)

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I am in serious need of a job and can get a work permit,


dance_4_eternity I am a bit confused by this question. Are you a foreign student studying ballet in the US? If so your visa status may not permit you to work. :)

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uppsala, since you are a new member to BT4D please understand that parents are not permitted to post in the Young Dancer's forums. We do not allow knock-knocks. Although you have asked valid questions, we ask that you trust that the moderating team are able to handle this question. Please give us time to ask questions and respond appropriately. You are more than welcome to open a thread in another forum asking your questions. At this time your post will have to be deleted.

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The following information was supplied by dancemaven, who is one of our moderators:


In some states (shoot, I imagine all), due to Child Labor Laws, a student over a certain age but under another certain age (I think it applies to 14-16 or 17 year olds) is suppose to obtain a work permit before an employer can hire them. If they are under that minimum age, then the employer can get in big trouble for even hiring them. That permit is usually issued or somehow is approved by their high school principal. I only vaguely recall how that worked when I was in high school. My girls have neither had the time to look for part-time work as high schoolers due to their chosen extracurriculars, so I have no current experience.


The permit explicitly reminds the employer that the child, by law, has restrictions upon the number and which hours the underaged child can actually work. For instance, they are not suppose to be responsible for opening or closing a store; they are not suppose to be responsible for operating dangerous equipment or machines, including kitchen duties. They are not suppose to work more than 20 hours a week and, I think, a certain number of hours per shift. They are not suppose to be scheduled for work later than some specified hour of the day (maybe 10 p.m.?)


Different states may have different specified terms and restrictions---but I'm really not sure. It may actually be a federal law. But they all have their grounding in the anti-child labor laws that were passed to protect children who were exploited and severely injured in the factories of yore.

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I've already talked to our school administration about getting a permit. The problem is i need to find the job, THEN get the work permit. I guess that's the way things are done in my state. Thank you for your suggestions! I'm thinking about asking one of the dolly dinkle schools in my area if they would let me teach a pre ballet class. I help with pre ballet at my school, even though i don't get paid, at it is a lot of fun. My biggest problem is i live in a very small town so there aren't a lot of shops, it basically the pharmacy, the grocery store and the library. All of which might be possibilities, but I'm not sure because of my age if the will let me work in normal school hours.

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The pharmacy, especially if it's a family-run enterprise, not one of the chains, can be a source of some work. Often, they need desk clerks who can run a cash register for awhile, carry prescriptions to the pharmacist on duty, retrieve orders from the ready shelf and generally serve the store and the customers.

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Banks sometimes hire high school students under a work-study program. Also, if you live in a small area, check with the local newspapers. If you have decent typing skills, they might hire you to type submissions into the computer. I worked full-time as a reporter/photographer/gopher/low-girl-on-the-totem-pole my senior year of high school, and I can tell you we would have ALL been MORE than happy to hire someone for typing faxed submissions alone!! We couldn't find anyone interested so I ended up taking all the submissions home, typing them at night, and emailing them to the office. No harm in checking!

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if there are any dancewear shops in your area, they understand your situation, and it pertains to something you like. :unsure: oops I posted under my mom's username! :(

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I really. really. really need to make money! What kind of jobs can a 13 year old get besides a babysitting??

I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!



ps. I need it for my summer si.

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