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I read some forums on Extention, but I feel as if they don't answer my question. I auditioned for a SI, got in, but was told that my extention is very poor. I need to work on raising my leg in a develope any direction. Believe me.. my extention sucks! I know turnout is not the problem, because the teacher said that I have very good natural flexiblilty (eventhough my splits aren't perfect). I can barly raise my leg higher than prob. about 70- degrees. I REALLY NEED HELP!!!!! I don't know what stretches to do, or exersizes at all! How do I improve my extention, or even just my simple develope. I know that I can do the actuall move, because if someone holds my leg up, it will go to my head. Thanks


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Macleb, the answers to that are in almost every post about extension that exists on this board! You are what, 13? Flexibility is one thing, the strength to hold the extensions, and to get them up above 90º with a développé, comes with maturity and more physical strength. It takes time, and rarely happens before the end of growing.


What do you do about it? Keep working hard in class, do some extra stretching AFTER class, or at least after barre, but ONLY stretches that you have been taught HOW to do, and to do properly. Other than that, you have to just grow up! :wink:

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Macleb, stretches for extension need to be taught to you by your teacher. Do not do anything that you have not learned HOW to do correctly. And, all extension stretches must be done when warmed up, like after barre and/or after class. Splits are a good stretch. I don't think that sliding up a wall would be right for you at this time. And do not slide down a barre, either. Penché is a good stretch for arabesque, but the main part of the stretch happens in coming UP, when you try to keep your leg as high as possible and bring your back up. Do this facing the barre, and stay back from the barre far enough to allow your head to go down and not have to "duck under" the barre.

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But a word to the wise: A search for "extension" will work better if you spell it in the manner aforementioned.

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