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Hi im 14 (in year 10 at school) and im 5ft 5 and a half. Am I too tall to be a dancer?

Honestly- I don't want to be told it doesn't matter if it does.

If i stop growing now... will i be too tall?

If i grow another inch (5ft 6 and a half).. would i be too tall?

Pleeeeeeeeaaaaase answer honestly!

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No, and no.


And we're always honest. Sometimes it starts long arguments when people hear what they don't want to hear, but we continue telling them anyway.

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Thanks :thumbsup: . I've been really worried lately, i even started cutting down the protein and calcium in my diet in case it made me grow, but i stopped that when i realised that it would also reduce my strength and muscle tone... :thumbsup:

It was still bugging me though, because a girl at my dance school is, like, nearly 2 inches shorter than me and loads of people have said she is the perfect height for a fully grown dancer, and i've read in books girls being 5ft 4 and being told they were perfect... and books and films always go on about needing to be shorter than a boy when on pointe, and only a few boys i know are taller than me if i were to add the length of my foot to my height... :sweating:

But i know you know what youre talking about so its a huuuuuuuge relief.

I was soooo panicky because english dancers are meant to be traditional and perfect...

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Don't cut down on calcium and protein when you're a teen in order to stop growing. It won't work, and it may cause trouble. You might be interested in looking at the "Stickies" at the very top of the "Ballet Related Nutrition and Health" forum. There are plenty of advices of general use contained in Stickies.


Also, remember that printed matter can go out-of-date more quickly when the subject is ballet than in almost any other subject.

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Thanks, i'll look at the stickies.

Oh, and :thumbsup: i was the person who replied to the fouette post with loads of advice, and i just wanted to say i a)didnt read that members werent supposed to add advice to help technique, b)wasnt trying to show off, i just wanted to help someone with a problem that had annoyed me a while ago so i sorta know how they felt and c) I wasn't trying to get a word in before the starter could reply to the teachers post, when i first looked at the topic, there were no responses, and i really wanted to help this person because i hate it when im frustrated with a step, and my post was kinda long, so the teacher must have put in their post just as i posted mine or something.

Anyway Im reeeaaallllyyyyy sorry, i hope i dint offend anyone... :thumbsup:

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Perfect on Pointe, it's okay, we understand. :blushing: Mr. Johnson responded to your explanation on the other thread. I would, however, like to ask you to please find the buttons at the bottom of the last post that say Fast Reply or AddReply. Right now you are using the "Reply, and that quotes the last post into your post, which is not necessary. :)


And PS, NO, you are NOT too tall! The things you were reading were from a long time ago. Things have changed, the world has changed, people have changed, and dancers have changed...they are taller! :unsure:

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DanaD the best advice one can give is to pursue the study of ballet relentlessly. Only time will tell. There are very tall female dancers working professionally in ballet and other dance related fields. If you never try, you will never know. There is no crystal ball.


You must remain realistic in your pursuit in that there are many students going for it, full speed ahead. There are a limited number of jobs. There always have been. Unless something drastically changes, this will remain the case. Life is good when you are going for something you love, knowing you are doing your very best. Be patient. :)

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