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what does enybody know/like about Russian ballet?


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what does enybody know/like about Russian ballet? (I mean all last Soviet Unions country)


What do you think about main differences between: Vaganova, Cheketti, Bournonville, Talioni schools???

Does students of ballet colleges in other countryes learn methodic, and theory of dance?

What subjucts they have in other part of the world?

Does they learn duet dance, folk dance?

I mean, say someting about your college, please! :clapping:

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We say this all the time about different methods of training, no matter whose: The method doesn't matter as long as it produces a finished dancer free of affectation and with abilities that allow him or her to perform the choreography of established choreographers and those who may want to experiment with classic forms by arranging new dances.


Of those mentioned, Vaganova, Cecchetti, and Bournonville are still around, and fairly healthy. Taglioni is long gone. The closest tie to that technique and style is Bournonville. There are other Russian schools as well, as the Legat schools are still turning out dancers, and the old Imperial forms are now in a sort of second generation, as the old dancers from the Tsarist era are all gone, to the best of my knowledge. The Royal Academy of Dancing is alive and well, the Paris Opera Ballet is still there, although its teaching method is something of a deep dark secret which nobody has written from a firsthand point of view. Many teachers, in fact, worldwide, most, use an International Mix, mostly based on Cecchetti (and remember, he taught in Russia, too!) The best teachers sit down with themselves and make their own curriculum and syllabi for their schools in an organized and deeply-thought-out way.


And yes, pas de deux, variations, dedicated pointe and men's classes, character/national dancing and today modern and jazz are all parts of a well-prepared dancer's vocabulary and study history.

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thank you very much for your answer. and-


Marry Christmas to all users of that interesting and usefull website

and also for our honourable administrators!!! :clapping::clapping::flowers::wub::D:D:jump:

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