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I go to Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts I am not sure its the right fit for me. I dont get any attention and find some of the teachers and students discouraging. I need a place with housing and a decent education. Anyone know of a good place?

Thank You! :clapping:

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Elizacheese-There are several good residency schools and it is always tough when you find that a school you do attend is not a good fit for you. That is not always a reflection on you or on the school itself. Fit is important and comes in many degrees and with many needs. What is good for one may not be good for another.


The best way for you to find what information is here on residencies is to go to that forum and read the many threads on the different schools. Parents and dancers have added to those threads first hand information which may help you make a determination of which places might fit the needs you are looking for.


Pre-Pros/Residency programs


Good luck to you and welcome to BTFD. Since you are asking about residencies, I will move your post there.

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How long have you attended there? Did something in particular happen recently to cause you to perceive this mismatch?

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